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Traveling Photographic Exhibit

Women and the American Railroad Exhibits have traveled since 1990. The first large exhibit filled the walls of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum's roundhouse as well as other museums throughout the United States. (now retired) A smaller single framed photographic exhibit is more manageable in small museums and libraries. The current exhibit contains 30 framed prints ranging in size from 18 x 24 to 24 x 36 inches similar to the one below and reveals the history of railroad women's past from 1838 to the 1990's.
Permanent display at San Diego Model Railroad Museum, Balboa Park, CA. Designed and fabricated by S.Burman for the museum's permanent collection
Framed prints with captions hang on roll around panels as shown in a small library when blank wall space was not available
Example of prints in current exhibit: (left) WWII-Women washing a locomotive in Bakersfield SP yard.

(Below) WW I-1918 Brooklyn Yd A trainee engineer is in the cab seat of the Electric Locomotive.

First exhibit on display at Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum Roundhouse Photo Courtesy of Norfolk Southern FOCUS Magazine
write: 2648 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95818, tele:(916) 457-1908 or e-mail: railwomen@earthlink.net

Lectures & Slide Show Series
are temporarily suspended due to husband's illness

The following lists are of slide show/lectures that features railroad women's
contemporary and historical history.

For details: click here.

Program 1. "Women and the American Railroad" -history overview

Program 2. "Lunch Box Warriors" -RR women in WWII

Program 3. "Railroad's Designing Women" and "Women By Design"

3-1. Railroad's Designing Women:
Mary Jane Colter, Dr. Mary Pennington, and Olive Dennis

Second portion of Program 3

3-2 . Women by Design-Women in Advertising and the Harvey Girl's scripted image

Program 4. "Railroad Women in the West"

Program 5. "Research Run Amok"

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