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"On the Rails- A Memoir" by Linda Neimann, a former railroad brakeman.

(1st printing called Boomer) A must read for any one who wants to learn about railroad life through the eyes of a woman.

"...inspiring, provocative, engrossing reading..."
- Chicago Sun Times

(Publisher-Cleis Press Inc. San Francisco, CA)

"My Sisters Telegraphic" is Tom Jepsen's
latest and definitive book about women tele-
graph operators. Interesting histories and
stories about women's telegraphic careers.

(Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio)

"Ma Kiley" recalled how women workers
were viewed by male co-workers and
how she andother women struggled
to establish their ownidentities.
Thomas Jepsen brought her story
back to life along with a fine intro-
duction about thehistory of the
telegraph,"super highway of
communication" in the 1800s

(Texas Western Press,
University of Texas, El Paso, TX)

"Railroad Voices"
Lina Bertucci teams with Neimann to produce a railroad photo book. Lina worked for the Milwaukee Railroad in 1974 and Linda hired on Southern Pacific Railroad in 1979.

(Publisher-Stanford University Press,
Stanford, CA)

"Doc Susie"
Virginia Cornwell wrote a compelling true storieabout a turn of the century doctor, Susan Anderson,who lived in the frigid mountains of Frasier,
Colorado. Doc administered to the locals, loggers, and railroad folks well into her 80's.
(Manifest Publications,
Carpenteria, CA 1991)
"The Harvey Girls -Women Who Opened the West" by Lesley Poling_Kempes, the all encompassing book about the lives of a collective group of women, the Harvey Girls who worked in the chain of restaurants and hotels along Santa Fe Railway's more than 2,000 miles.

(Publisher-Paragon House, New York)

Lesley followed with a paper doll book for young girls
"Mary Colter-Builder Upon the Red Earth" Virginia Gratton
An incrediable story of a young woman who became Santa Fe Railway and Fred Harvey Co.'s architect and interior designer. They developed the 'ancient' looking buildings at the Grand Canyon, designed stations and developed interior schemes.

(Grand Canyon History Assoc. Grand Canyon 1992)


Shirley Burman, railroad historian used her research and teamed up with well known children's authorn Nancy Levinson to produce "She's Been Working on the Railroad," an award winning over view of women and the railroad for the pre-teen set.

(Publisher-Penquin Books (formerly Lodestar/Dutton), New York)

Juddi Morris has written a lively book about the Harvey Girls that should interest any young reader.

(Publisher-Walker & Co., New York)

"True Heart" Marissa Moss wrote a fictional account about a young girl at the turn of the century who wanted to be a railroad engineer. Fabulous Illustrations by C.F. Payne.

(Publisher- Silver Whistle, Harcourt Brace & Co. San Diego, CA)

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express - Margaret K. Wetterer, Illustrations by Karen Ritz

(Carolrhoda Books, Inc. Minneapolis, MN)

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